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The Ranger MD1000 has arrived!

Walkthrough video of the new MD1000 skid steer mini dumper

Vancouver Machinery has recently expanded its inventory by adding the Ranger MD1000 skid skeer mini dumper. This machine is powered by a 6.5hp Briggs&Stratton Vanguard engine and is perfect to haul loads around tight places. It easily fits through most door and fence opening and can carry upwards of 1000lbs of material. Controls are super easy to operate while standing on the wide, foldable platform. Due to our unique design, the MD1000 features a double stacked hydraulic pump that provides plenty of power for the drive motors and dumping mechanism.

Vancouver Machinery offers a 1 year powertrain warranty and provides free delivery up to 100 miles of Vancouver, WA. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

Check out our walkthrough video now:


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